Your Secrets Sleep With Me

by Darren O'Donnell
ISBN: 1552451380

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A Review of: Your Secrets Sleep With Me
by W. P. Kinsella

Part of the opening paragraph goes this way: "So just for this moment there's nothing, nothing happening." That line sets the tone for this very odd novel set in Toronto, and peopled with totally unbelievable characters. Can you imagine an 11-year-old boy using the word anomalous in conversation? Another character "maintains that the world is an uneasy gathering of idiots and that suddenly something will blow and everything will be either okay or not okay." Nothing like being decisive. The oddest event is that the CN Tower collapses into Lake Ontario, but nothing comes of it. The most inexplicable thing is that while the book has a devastatingly bad cover, surely designed to be certain no prospective reader will pick the book up, it is accompanied by a beautiful uncredited post card of the CN Tower bathing in Lake Ontario, which could have been the best cover of the year.

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