D-Day: The Greatest Invasion: A People's History

by Dan Van Der Vat
ISBN: 1582343144

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A Review of: D-Day: The Greatest Invasion: A People∆s History
by Greg Gatenby

Dan van der Dat has written extensively about ships and men at sea. His D-Day: The Greatest Invasion: A People's History is a well-illustrated history, not only of the invasion day, but of the month immediately following it, when the Normandy bridgehead was consolidated. His is also the only book reviewed here which covers all of the Allied landings. Many historians have published volumes claiming to cover the D-Day landings but in almost every case the American historians scarcely allude to the Canadian contribution, writing as though they alone won the war. British historians too often sound this way. Oh yes, they will grudgingly admit the Yanks did make some contribution, but again they treat the Canadian casualties and valour, if at all, almost as an afterthought. Mr. van der Dat's book is refreshingly different in this regard, placing the Canadian attack at Juno accurately within the context of the entire battle. The book does not pretend to be a definitive history but, with its plethora of colour photos and before-and-after pictures, as a general introduction, it is excellent.

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