Juno Beach

by Mark Zuehlke
ISBN: 1553650506

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A Review of: Juno Beach: Canada∆s D-Day Victory: June 6, 1944
by Greg Gatenby

For those who want much more detail about the singular Canadian contribution to the fighting, the book you must have is Mark Zuehike's Juno Beach: Canada's D-Day Victory: June 6, 1944. This author has already written well about the under-heralded bravery of the Canadians who fought half-a-year earlier in Italy, and his empathy for the Canadians at Normandy as well as his plumbing of the D-Day archives is quite impressive. For the casual reader there is probably too much detail, but for those who want to follow the step-by-step tribulations and successes of each of the units that landed at Juno Beach, this book will be invaluable. Notwithstanding his attention to the detail of who was where and when, Zuehike manages to elicit from the veterans themselves wrenching tales of buddies lost, villagers saved, and enemy killed. As with all of the titles here, his affection is for what the troops themselves called "the poor bloody infantry," and interviews with-and analysis by-the generals and other strategic thinkers will have to be found elsewhere.

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