International Date Line

by Dawn Howat
ISBN: 1894283384

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A Review of: International Date Line
by W. P. Kinsella

This book could have been subtitled The Adventures of Airhead Anna. Anna Woods could play the roles of both Dumb and Dumber. An immature 23-year-old, living in Toronto, she meets a sleazeball named Jack who treats her badly, gives her the clap, and then disappears. But she still loves him. Move ahead seven years and, approaching her 30th birthday, still thinking with her genitals, Anna reaches total immaturity when she sells her condo, gives away her possessions, including her cat, and flies to Budapest to meet Sleazeball Jack, on the basis of only a few e-mails. He, of course, doesn't show up when he's supposed to, and she meets a rather sweet Englishman named Ian, who treats her well, which makes her suspicious of him. Anna drinks like a fish, whines incessantly about quitting smoking, usually while she's lighting up, and when she thinks she's pregnant she is too stunned to read the results of the pregnancy test properly, or do the unthinkable, take a second test. Ian is delighted she is pregnant. She isn't delighted at all. She's still in love with Sleazeball Jack, who eventually turns up, and there is a mild confrontation between Ian and Jack. Oh, did I mention that Anna of the kumquat-sized brain is not pregnant after all. There is nothing wrong with the writing. I simply can't imagine anyone being interested in a young woman so confoundedly stupid. Near the end she gets all gooey about being Canadian, which has little to do with anything. I'm sure some of these antics are supposed to be humorous, but we never laugh with the pitiful Anna, and only occasionally at her.

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