Sugarmilk Falls

by Ilona van Mil
328 pages,
ISBN: 0771087322

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First Novels
by W.P. Kinsella

Sugarmilk Falls is an average page-turner with a serious fault. Sugar Milk Falls is a town with a secret. Twenty years ago something awful happened in Sugar Milk Falls, and now a stranger comes to town and starts asking questions. A group of residents are drawn together including the Police Chief and an ageing priest. Everyone has a version of what happened, and we are given the history of several of the characters. The problem here is that there are no likeable characters. The story is unrelentingly depressing. The characters are smarmy and I felt absolutely nothing for any of them. With that scenario, it becomes unimportant who does what and with what and to whom. The writing is more than adequate, but the all of the individuals are so unlikable, one quickly tires of their tribulations.

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