The Avro Arrow Manipulation: Murdering Medicare

by Will Cupchik
564 pages,
ISBN: 1896342191

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First Novels
by W.P. Kinsella

The Avro Arrow Manipulation: Murdering Medicare by Will Cupchik, has a premise that is very imaginative. A conspiracy theory to top all previous conspiracy theories. In 1959 a covert group code-named TAMPRR acting on behalf of some American military officers and aircraft manufacturers, influenced the Canadian government to abruptly cancel the Avro Arrow CF-105 fighter-interceptor aircraft program, with devastating results. Fifty years later in 2009, a more powerful
TAMPRR, INC.,representing major health care and pharmaceutical corporations has enlisted some prominent Canadians to help undermine Canada's medicare system, and replace it with a more expensive, less inclusive US-style for profit system. An investigative reporter, Ken Simpson, whose father was likely murdered by TAMPRR, uncovers the plot and the fur begins to fly. The novel has a serious problem in that Cupchik is verbose to the Nth degree. He never uses 10 words where 5 will do. The book screams for an editor, and would have been so much better at half the length.

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