Forget Me Not:
A Novel

by Louis Csonka, Arthur Milewski,
106 pages,
ISBN: 1896266088

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First Novels - First Thrills, First Kills
by Eva Tihanyi

Louis Csonka and Arthur Milewski are co-authors of Forget Me Not (Lugus Publications, 106 pages, $9.95 paper), a short, stylistically simple book that ends up appearing more like an exercise in plotting than a fully realized novel. Henry Froese, a wealthy entrepreneur with an international business, is in trouble. His warehouses are being bombed; his daughter, Mary, has been kidnapped; and his chief of security has been killed. His ex-son-in-law, Ben Warren, is also an ex-cop. It turns out that the people trying to kill Ben's good friend John O'Brian are the same ones after Henry Froese. Naturally, Ben, who still harbours feelings for Mary and wants to help John, finds himself enmeshed in events that put his own life in danger.

The cover boasts (along with a misspelling of Milewski's own surname-twice!) that the book uses the standpoint "familiar to film-making and this approach to the writing is very successful in engaging the attention of the reader, in raising suspense and in delivering a gratifying conclusion." Although it might engage the attention of some readers-much as a one-hour TV crime show might-the book is devoid of depth, of any meaning beyond what the plot itself generates. "Gratifying"? Hardly.


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