Two Ends of Sleep

by Lizard Jones,
ISBN: 0889740720

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First Novels - Mid-lives, MS, & an Info-Novel
by Eva Tihanyi

The title of Two Ends of Sleep (Press Gang, 176 pages, $15.95 paper), by Lizard Jones, refers to "the waking states of Multiple Sclerosis. A constant state of dozing off, of just waking up. In between, sleep." The narrator, a thirty-two-year-old writer and political activist named Rusty, has MS. Much as she tries to cover it with a thin veneer of humour, the lethargy, bladder problems, and other physical ailments that have plagued her since her diagnosis have severely curtailed her life. She's no longer writing much or being politically active. And Janet, her partner of the past five years, is not at all happy with Rusty's lack of interest in sex. What Janet doesn't know is that in between her numerous naps, Rusty has quite a vivid sex life-at least in fantasy. Despite the passivity forced on her body by MS, she's not ready to relinquish the activities of her mind.

Although not technically an "info-novel", Two Ends of Sleep is a book with an agenda. It seems more concerned with informing readers about MS than leaving them with anything truly memorable in the way of writing, plot, or character.


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