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Clarification on Unsung heroes

I enjoyed reading Frieda Wishinsky's article on children's publishing entitled "Directing, Plus Midwifery", which was interesting, well rounded, and brought to the fore many of the unsung heroes of the children's publishing business.

There seems, however, to be some confusion on the role played by Leona Trainer in our company, and, with your permission, I would like to correct the record.

Leona Trainer is the President of Stoddart Kids. She has been with the company for nine years and has been the head of the children's division for three years. She has been instrumental in our acquisition of many young adult and trade paperbacks and was an integral part of the acquisition of the Oxford University Press children's program and Lester Publishing children's list. Oxford, Lester, and Stoddart have a strong and diversified publishing program. Leona is responsible for most international sales and for the sales and marketing of the company, as well as the general management as President.

Kathryn Cole, who was the Art Director and editor of a children's magazine at Scholastic Canada, and Publisher of Oxford University Press Children's Books, joined Stoddart in 1994 as Publisher of the Stoddart Kids' group and is responsible for the acquisition and editing of our children's program. Kathryn is the one who, with her editorial team, works with authors, designers, and illustrators on books for preschoolers to young adults. Within her specialized field of illustrated books, as well as young adult books, she has developed a worldwide reputation for editorial and design excellence.

Stoddart Kids takes great pride in developing new talented writers and illustrators, as well as strongly supporting the existing and excellent list of authors we have published for many years. Under Kathryn's editorial direction, Stoddart has won many awards in the last two years, and is moving strongly into the development of children's books for the North American market as we now have a U.S. co-distribution with Kids Can Press.

Kathryn and Leona work closely together, but it seemed from the article that their responsibilities are identical, and this is not the case. I would appreciate it if this letter can be published on your Letters to the Editor page in your next issue so that their many friends and colleagues are not confused by the roles that each plays within this publishing industry and our company.

Jack Stoddart


Stoddart Publishing Co. Ltd

North York, Ont.


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