Book Reviews in March 1992 Issue

Place to Belong
by Gerald L. Pocius,

pages $55 CT
ISBN: 0773508058
Book Review
Grain of Sand, Burning Bright
by David Macfarlane
A simple fishing village is beautifully brought to life in a work that deserves to attain classic status.
Stolen Continents The Americas Through Indian Eyes since 1492
by Ronald Wright,

Houghton Mifflin Company
pages $22.95 TC
ISBN: 0395565006
Book Review
Speaking Up for Themselves
by John Goddard
For five centuries, school books have been celebrating "the discovery of America" by Europeans, while dismissing indigenous civilizations as curiosities on the margin of world events.
Illness & Healing
by Robert Pope,

pages $19.95 TP
ISBN: 0889994803
Book Review
Evidence of Empathy
by Yosh Taguchi
It occurred to me as I went through this wonderful book that, had he wished, Robert Pope's evident empathy for human suffering would have made him a fine physician.
For Better or for Worse
by Granatstein,

Addison Wesley Longman, Incorporated
pages $0 CT
ISBN: 0773051775
Book Review
The Apple of Their Eye
by Geoffrey Stevens
If visitors from Mars land in North America and want a quick fix on the relationship between the two nations that share the upper portion of the continent, J. L. Granatstein and Norman Hillmer have a book for them.
Canadian Ironies Politics & Play
by Linda Hutcheon,

208 pages $21.95 TP
ISBN: 0195408306
Book Review
In on the Joke
by Gretchen Zimmerman
Hutcheon's claim that Canada is "particularly fertile ground for the cultivating of doubleness" becomes, in 'Splitting Images', an all-embracing and possibly too extended one.
Magnificent Obsessions A Photo Novel
by Lesley Choyce,

144 pages $13.95 TP
ISBN: 1550820206
Book Review
Home Videos
by Pat Barclay
Choyce's latest book, which he dubs "a photonovel," uses a bizarre assortment of 69 photographs that do much more than illustrate the story: they determine the plot.
Possessed Individual
by Arthur Kroker,

pages $14.95 TP
ISBN: 092039390X
Book Review
The Life of Their Party
by Stan Fogel
This book is what William Gibson might have written if he'd gotten a Ph.D. Perhaps, then, the book should have been titled "NeuroTlCmancer."
Divine Diva
65 pages $9.95
ISBN: 0889104263
Death of the Spider
by Mailhot, Bishop,

0 pages $12.95 TP
ISBN: 0889222983
Book Review
No Refuge in Nostalgia
by Eileen Manion
Each of these recently translated Quebec novels presents us with a desperate woman in a confined, almost claustrophobic situation, but there any resemblance between them ends.
The Isolation Booth
by Hugh Hood,

260 pages $11.95 TP
ISBN: 0889841195
Book Review
Out of Contexts
by Richard Harvor
The most vexing question in collecting an author's entire output is whether the earlier, unformed writings can - in themselves and out of context- sustain the reader's interest.
Uncivil Obedience
by A. A. Borovoy,

pages $27.95 CT
ISBN: 1895555086
Book Review
Keeping a Sense of Humour
by George Kaufman
The tone of the book is unexciting and pragmatic, as befits a textbook, as the author painstakingly lists tactics, results, and the underlying philosophies upon which they are all predicated.
The Happiness of Others
by Leon Rooke,

260 pages $12.95 TP
ISBN: 088984125X
Book Review
Golden Oldies
by Douglas Glover
Rooke's vision is Manichaean, melodramatic, exaggerated, and sometimes intentionally cartoonish. At its root, it is pure antithesis - angels against devils.
Grenfell of Labrador A Biography
by Ronald Rompkey,

448 pages $35 TC
ISBN: 0802059198
Grenfell & Christmas in Northern Newfoundland & Labrador
by Don Ryan,

pages $10.95 TP
ISBN: 0921692250
Book Review
Fashions in Fame
by Royce MacGillivray
The evidence for the fall of Grenfell's reputation begins to look questionable, given that here are two new books on Grenfell for review.
The Edge of the World
128 pages $11.95
ISBN: 0920544797
Could I Have My Body Back Now, Please? Body-Fictions
by Beth Goobie,

pages $10.95 PT
ISBN: 0920897096
Book Review
Feelings in the Bone
by Joan Thomas
Although Carol Malyon has a knack for the picturesque and the poignant, the precious style in which 'The Edge of the World' is written is rather disturbing if you take the book's subject seriously.
High Society
by Neil Boyd,

pages $28.95 CT
ISBN: 1550132881
Book Review
For Consenting Adults
by Edward Trapunski
Boyd advocates the decriminalization of illegal drugs. He doesn't recommend the prohibition of those drugs he finds more dangerous - alcohol and tobacco.
Mothers Talk Back: Momz Radio
by Margaret Dragu (Editor), Sarah Sheard (Editor), Susan Swan (Editor), Momz Radio

Coach House Pr
230 pages $14.95
ISBN: 0889104204
Book Review
Getting Real
by Diane Schoemperlen
An important recurring theme that connects most of these interviews is the issue of guilt. No matter how hard mothers try to overcome or live up to the myth of perfection, we are doomed to failure.
Strange Terrain The Fairy World in Newfoundland
by Barbara Rieti,

289 pages $24.95 PT
ISBN: 091966671X
Community & Process
by Gerald Thomas, J. D. Widdowson,

332 pages $19.95 PT
ISBN: 1550810359
Book Review
My Oberon! What Visions!
by Edith Fowke
Since Herbert Halpert initiated folklore courses in 1963, Newfoundland's Memorial University has become the main centre of Anglo-Canadian folklore studies, and acquired a very valuable archive on the subject.
Box Socials
by W. P. Kinsella,

pages $24.95 TC
ISBN: 0002237520
Book Review
Vin Ordinaire
by Larry Scanlan
The book is about daughters in quest of husbands, about bachelors and widows, and match-making - at box socials where little boys bid on lunches made by little girls.
Samara the Wholehearted
by Nancy Bauer,

163 pages $14.95 TP
ISBN: 0864921039
Book Review
Strange Guests
by Carole Giangrande
None of the characters comes to life. We're never allowed to get close to any of them; by telling us everything and showing us almost nothing, Bauer avoids the dramatic conflict that drives the plot of a good novel.
Abuse of Trust
by Christopher Hyde,

pages $14.95 TP
ISBN: 1550540068
Book Review
Losing the Way
by Michael Coren
The latest work from the investigative journalist and thriller writer Christopher Hyde, 'Abuse of Trust', concerns a young boy whose father is murdered.
The Golden Threads
by Bradd Burningham
Ann Copeland is drawn toward exploring the closed worlds of personal and social otherness.
Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor
Letters may be edited for length or to delete potentially libellous statements. Except in extraordinary circumstances, letters of more than 500 words will not be accepted for publication.
A Lot of There, There
by Fraser Sutherland
The rich literary traditions of the Atlantic Provinces are of much more than regional significance.
The Flesh So Close
by Kenneth Harvey
Stepping away, I hear Kig crying. I hear my mother crying. I know they are fearfully clutching each other, shivering for how they will be wrestled apart.
Profile - Ties to the Earth
by Nancy Bauer
For Bill Gaston, life is mysterious, complicated, and informed by a highly developed sense of the absurd.
Honorary Member
by Edward Cloney,

pages $29.95 TC
ISBN: 0887508677
Ethel on Fire
88 pages $14.95
ISBN: 088753225X
by Heather Spears,

pages $6.95 MM
ISBN: 088878306X
Two of Me
by Kim Atwood,

pages $13 TP
ISBN: 0969418035
Double Bind
134 pages $9.95
ISBN: 1550390198
First Novels
First Novels - Double Vision
by Laurel Boone
THE PEOPLE in Moonfall (Beach Holme, 239 pages, $6.95 paper), a science-fiction novel by the wellknown poet Heather Spears, literally have two heads. According to the back cover and the publicity material (although it isn't made explicit in the book itself), Moonfall takes place after a holocaust caused by the disappearance of the ozone layer. The polar ice-caps have melted, most of the earth's surface has been baked into a glassy sheath, and only the European Arctic is habitable. Two-headed hu
First Novels
Last Words - Respectable Pedigrees
by Alec McEwen
Christian churches in northern Europe were constructed so that the longer axis lay in an cast-west direction, with the chancel and altar at the eastern end.
Field Notes
Field Notes - Please Sign Here
by Malcolm Page
When the authors choose to add a few more words, what do they write? And what do they reveal about themselves, or me?
Field Notes
Field Notes - Through Thick and Thin
by Becky Liddell
Recently a friend of mine who reviews fiction for her local newspaper was grumbling about some of the Arnerican titles she'd had to read. It wasn't that the books were particularly bad; but they were big.
105 pages $11.95
ISBN: 0921191634
Brief Reviews
Brief Reviews - Fiction
by Daniel Jones
"All the princes in this book are dead and in their graves now. Except for one, perhaps." Thus, with a wry sense of his own mortality, Tom Finn introduces the 10 stories contained in his first book.
Sherlock Holmes & the Ultimate Disguise
by Ronald C. Weyman,

160 pages $15.99 TP
ISBN: 0889242321
Brief Reviews
Brief Reviews - Fiction
by Michael Coren
Conan Doyle? Absolutely not. An intelligent and competent imitation? Very much so. Well worth the read.
How Boys See Girls
by David Gilmour,

pages $14 TP
ISBN: 0394222997
Brief Reviews
Brief Reviews - Fiction
by Robin Britt
If 'How Boys See Girls' is an essentially rebarbative read, the book does proffer a nugget of negative knowledge: one anxiety attack tacked onto one wet dream does not a novel make.
A History of the Original Peoples of Northern Canada
by Keith J. Crowe,

University of Toronto Press
172 pages $7.95 TC
ISBN: 0773502335
Brief Reviews
Brief Reviews - Non-fiction
by M. T. Kelly
This volume is really a high school textbook. It's written in small "bites" with chapter headings like "Land and Life" and "Schools and Snowmobiles," and its nine chapters are followed by two appendixes and a list of supplementary readings.
Time & Place The Life & Works of Thomas H. Raddall
by Allab R. Young,

200 pages $16.95 CT
ISBN: 0919107311
Brief Reviews
Brief Reviews - Non-Fiction
by Clint Burnham
In concert with contemporary theoretical attitudes and the revamping of those canons, Time and Place will do a lot to bring Raddall's work back into readers' hands.
Anna Leonowens A Life Beyond The King & I
by Leslie S. Dow,

176 pages $15.95 TP
ISBN: 0919001696
Brief Reviews
Brief Reviews - Non-Fiction
by Pat Barclay
The fascinating story of what she did in those places, and how she did it, would justify any amount of prevarication over an unsavoury upbringing.
Ghost Stories from Newfoundland Folklore
by Alice Lannon, Mike McCarthy,

pages $12.95 TP
ISBN: 0921692684
Brief Reviews
Brief Reviews - Non-fiction
by Pat Barclay
Attractive black-and-white illustrations, uncredited but clearly drawn from contemporary sources, heighten the stories' dramatic effect, and the salty air that pervades the telling leaves little doubt of their authenticity.
Maritime Radical
by Filmore,

pages $19.95 PT
ISBN: 0921284500
Brief Reviews
Brief Reviews - Non-Fiction
by Irving Abella
Fillmore was a remarkable Canadian. It is sad that aside from his famous rhodo-dendrons in Nova Scotia, his only recognition is a picnic. He deserves better.
Midwives in Passage The Modernization of Maternity Care
by Cecilia Benoit,

175 pages $24.95 PT
ISBN: 0919666701
Brief Reviews
Brief Reviews - Non-fiction
by Gail Fairley
These accounts provide a vivid picture of women's reproductive histories and debunk idealized notions of traditional lay midwifery.
Some Fine Times!
by Ed Smith,

pages $10.95 TP
ISBN: 0921692110
Brief Reviews
Brief reviews - Non-fiction
by George Kaufman
Smith's concisely drawn pictures of Newfoundland itself come to play a large part in many of the stories (especially ones about getting lost at sea with his father).
Crime Wave Con Men, Rogues & Scoundrels from Nova Scotia's Past
by Dean Jobb,

160 pages $14.95 TP
ISBN: 0919001688
Brief Reviews
Brief Reviews - Non-fiction
by George Kaufman
Dean Jobb's book is a collection of stories - most of which previously appeared as newspaper articles - that chronicles the infamous characters of the province's past, and does a fine job of bringing these personalities and their escapades to life.
Reap the Whirlwind The Untold Story of Six Group RAF Canada's Bomber Force of World War II
by Spencer Dunmore, William Carter,

State Mutual Book & Periodical Service, Limited
464 pages $0 TC
ISBN: 0947554351
Brief Reviews
Brief Reviews - Non-Fiction
by Martin Dowding
The last section of the book describes 6 Group's 1990 reunion in England, attended by men who had become pharmacists, salesmen, or postmen, by men who had had whole lives to be ordinary after such extraordinary exploits.
Even the Babe Came to Play Small-Town Baseball in the Dirty 30s
by Robert Ashe

166 pages $12.95
ISBN: 0921054963
Brief Reviews
Brief Reviews - Non-Fiction
by Brian Fawcett
We ought to be grateful to Ashe for putting this book together. It is better and truer than a dozen superstar biographies, and even if Ashe isn't quite Roger Angell, he has written a book that is' truer and larger than its apparent subject matter.
Clarity Between Clouds
by Susan Ioannou,

74 pages $12.95 TP
ISBN: 086492111X
Earth Moth
by Peter Sanger,

63 pages $12.95 TP
ISBN: 0864921136
Blue Panic
63 pages $10.95
ISBN: 0887532276
Voice with Flowers
by Cornelia Hornosty,

116 pages $25.95 TC
ISBN: 0888871147
Theology of Swallows
by David Manicom,

pages $10.95 PT
ISBN: 0889821097
The Pearl Inside the Body Poems Selected and New
127 pages $14.95
ISBN: 0920187048
Earth Aches
by Robert Gibbs,

pages $2.95 PT
ISBN: 0921411367
Brief Reviews
Brief Reviews - Poetry
by George Elliott Clarke
Even Newfoundland poets such as Boyd Warren Chubbs and Mary Dalton sing of the "Rock" with the honed romanticism and Celtic accent that inform so much Atlantic Canadian poetry.
Santa Takes a Tumble
by Gilles Tibo,

24 pages $8 TP
ISBN: 038525329X
King of Sleep
by Gilles Tibo,

24 pages $8 TP
ISBN: 0385253303
Take Me Out to the Ballgame
by Maryann Kovalski,

Scholastic, Incorporated
32 pages $14.95 TC
ISBN: 0590456385
In My Backyard
by John DeVries, Werner Zimmermann, Werner Zimmermann, Werner Zimmermann,

pages $12.95 TC
ISBN: 0590733079
Save the World for Me
by Tynes,

pages $8.95 PF
ISBN: 091900170X
Rosette & the Muddy River
by Diane C. Leger, Pamela Cambiazo,

Orca Book Publishers
32 pages $4.95 TP
ISBN: 0920501656
On a Wing & a Wish Salt Water Bird Rhymes
by Al Pittman,

pages $11.95 TC
ISBN: 0920911641
The Extraordinary Ordinary Everything Room
by Rhea Tregebov, Helene Desputeaux,

pages $5.95 TP
ISBN: 0929005244
Christopher's Dream Car
by Andreas Greve, Andreas Greve,

32 pages $15.95 LB
ISBN: 155037169X
Jeremy Jeckles Hates Freckles
32 pages $8.95
ISBN: 155081009X
Naughty Scamper Meets the Bush Monster
by Wooding,

Paul & Company Publishers Consortium, Incorporated
pages $95 PT
ISBN: 1550810154
My Underwear's Inside Out The Care & Feeding of Young Poets
by Diane Dawber, Pat Wilkinson,

64 pages $14.95 TC
ISBN: 1550820109
Children's Books
Children's Books - Frills and Thrills
by Janet McNaughton
The idea that authors and illustrators might read my critical comments about their books bothers her so much that I was recently subjected to a lecture on the fundamentally inhumane nature of my work.
First Novel Award
First Novel Award - Short List
What was the best first novel of 1991? Too soon to tell, but we can confide that the following have been selected as finalists for the 1991 Smithbooks / Books in Canada First Novel Award.

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