Author: Anne Carson

Sep 1993
Two Guys on Holy Land
by Walid Bitar,

University Press of New England
68 pages $25 CT
ISBN: 0819522066
Underwater Carpentry
by Brian Bartlett,

115 pages $12.95 TP
ISBN: 0864921330
The Bat Had Blue Eyes
by Betsy Warland,

100 pages $11.95 TP
ISBN: 088961184X
Short Talks
by Anne Carson,

pages $10.95 TP
ISBN: 0919626580
This Brighter Prison A Book of Journeys
by Karen Connelly,

112 pages $11.95 TP
ISBN: 0919626637
Stones to Harvest
by Henry Beissel,

64 pages $10.95 PT
ISBN: 0920259448
Old Habits
by Rhona McAdam,

64 pages $11 TP
ISBN: 1895449081

Brief Reviews - Poetry
by Barbara Carey
Some poetry books venture far afield in form and/or material; others situate themselves on familiar ground. This month's batch of titles is a mixture of the restless and the stay-at-home, providing the pleasures of the unexpected and of recognition. Read more...
Oct 2004
If Not, Winter: Fragments of Sappho
by Sappho, Anne Carson

Knopf $41.95 Hardcover
ISBN: 0375410678

A Review of: If Not, Winter: Fragments of Sappho
by Christopher Patton
"All desire is for part of oneself gone missing." So writes Anne Carson in Eros the Bittersweet, her study of the twists and lures of love in Greek lyric poetry. Eros takes his name from the Greek word for lack or want. He takes his life from, and in turn gives life to, our fear that we are insubstantial, incomplete, inadequate. He is our hope that another person will complete us. When we meet someone who holds the shape of an empty space in us, desire arises, full-ness is promised, and Eros enters. Here, for example, is the god, overwhelming Sappho as he enters her in the form of heat and light: ... Read more...
Oct 2006
Decreation: Poetry, Essays, Opera
by Anne Carson

272 pages $34.95 cloth
ISBN: 1400043492
Danger on Peaks
by Gary Snyder

Shoemaker & Hoard
128 pages $18.95 paper
ISBN: 1593760809

Lows and Highs
by Iain Higgins
The two writers whose work is reviewed here are as different from each other as chalk and soy cheese. Gary Snyder seems to me more interesting for what he says than how he says it, though such a claim somewhat underestimates his quiet craft. Anne Carson strikes me as more interesting in her manner than her matter, even if to say this means underplaying her intelligence. Read more...

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