Author: Daniel Poliquin

Oct 1990
Visions De Jude
by Daniel Poliquin

Editions Quebec/Amerique
301 pages
ISBN: 2890374902

Sacred Monsters
by Joyce Marshall
DANIEL POLIQUIN is no newcomer to the literary scene. A Franco Ontarian, born and still resident in Ottawa, he is the author of two earlier novels, the second of which, L`Obomsawin, was short-listed and a close contender for the Trillium Prize in 1987, as well as Nouvelles de la capitale, a book of linked short stories. He has translated two books by Jack Kerouac into French and is Currently translating W. O. Mitchell. Read more...
Jul 2001
In the Name of the Father,an Essay on Quebec Nationalism Translated by Don Winkler
by Daniel Poliquin

Douglas and McIntyre
222 pages $22.95 paper
ISBN: 1550548581

Quebec's Heart of Darkness
by Julian Samuel
It is with unpretentious erudition and unbridled courage that Franco-Ontarian Daniel Poliquin looks at this object called Quebec "nationalism" and picks it apart. For a fuller understanding of Poliquin's courage this "nationalism" ought be contextualized. Radio-Canada, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the editors-in-chief of our provincial media, ex cathedra, reject in-depth criticism of Quebec "nationalism". Read more...

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