Author: David Macfarlane

Feb 2000
One Summer
by David MacFarlane,

pages TC
ISBN: 0676971903
Fits Like A Rubber Dress
by Roxane Ward

Simon & Pierre
304 pages $18.99
ISBN: 0889242844
A Fine Daughter
by Catherine Simm

Red Deer Press
328 pages $16.95
ISBN: 0889951926

The Butterflies Are The Book’S Grace
by Diana Brebner
When David Macfarlane’s family saga, The Danger Tree, was first published in 1991, I spent a small fortune on copies for family and friends, and returned several times to Ottawa’s memorable Food for Thought bookstore to replace my constantly disappearing personal copy. When his first novel, Giller-nominated Summer Gone (Knopf Canada, 266 pages, $32.95 cloth, ISBN: 0676971903), came to me this past August, I set all tasks aside and read the book in one sitting. Read more...

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