Author: Heather Robertson

Sep 1992
On the Hill
by Heather Robertson,

McClelland & Stewart/Tundra Books
pages $6.98 MM
ISBN: 0771075545

Brief Reviews - Non-Fiction
by George Clark
Maybe one reason why Canada is so hard to govern is that the 3,000 people who keep Parliament Hill running guzzle 50,000 cups of java and chomp 1,200 kilos of 'patates frites' every month. Read more...
JanFeb 1990
Igor A Novel of Intrigue
by Heather Robertson,

pages TC
ISBN: 1550282700

Painting The Lily
by Norman Sigurdson
LILY COOLICAN, the heroine of the two previous novels in Heather Robertson's The King Years trilogy, is nothing if not a namedropper. Witness this snippet of dialogue (based on an actual incident with Paraskeva Clark) from near the beginning of Igor, the final volume of the trilogy. I remember once when Norman Bethune "You knew Dr. Read more...

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