Author: JosT Saramago

Mar 2003
The Cave
by JosT Saramago, translated by Margaret Jull Costa

352 pages $40 cloth
ISBN: 0151004145

A Cave of Man's Making
by Joan Givner
Jos+ Saramago, the Portuguese writer who won the 1998 Nobel Prize for literature, was born in 1922, but it was in the 1980s that he became a full-time writer, and began the series of novels that established his reputation. He achieved wide recognition for his novel Blindness (translated into English in 1997), the harrowing fable of a community dehumanized by an epidemic of blindness. Read more...
Sep 2006
by JosT Saramago

307 pages $32.95 cloth
ISBN: 0151012385

Seeing Little
by Menachem Feuer
With courage and aesthetic flair, JosT Saramago avails himself of a radical type of skepticism in his latest novel, Seeing, in an attempt to find some vestige of authenticity in a world that has become inundated with deceit. A sequel to his international bestseller, Blindness, which explores human tendencies toward compassion and cruelty in the midst of a bizarre and devastating epidemic, the effort to dispel every kind of certainty in Seeing is an 'eye-opening' counterpoint. Read more...

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