Author: Joy Kogawa

Nov 1995
The Rain Ascends
by Joy Kogawa,

217 pages $28.95 TC
ISBN: 0394281217

Dagger Descends, Rain Ascends
by Allan Casey
Joy Kogawa has a habit of writing fiction around what's filling up the newspapers. Or is it the papers who follow her lead? In Obasan and Itsuka, she offered a first-hand look at the troubled lives of Japanese-Canadians during World War II Read more...
Jun 1992
Stone Voices
by Keibo Oiwa, Joy Kogawa,

pages $16.95 PT
ISBN: 1550650149

Brief Reviews - Non-fiction
by Pat Barclay
What's contained within covers here is a testament to the infinite variety and resilience of human nature, presented with exceptional honesty and depth of feeling. Read more...

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