Author: Lorna Crozier

May 1995
Everything Arrives at the Light
by Lorna Crozier,

pages $14.99 PT
ISBN: 0771024797

The Force of Illumination
by Mary Dalton
This new book is full of hard knowledge; the poems are suffused with an awareness of dissolution and death, and of the irretrievably lost past. Read more...
JanFeb 1989
Angels of Flesh, Angels of Silence
by Lorna Crozier,

pages PT
ISBN: 0771024762

An Argument With Darkness
by Mary Di Michele
IN "IF A POEM Could Walk," Loma Crozier proposes that the poem is both "tame" and "wild," that it is not human, walking as it does on "paws, not feet." Wittgenstein has written that at the centre of every great work of art there is the sense of "a wild animal - tamed." The inverse is also true, true of Crozier`s poetry, that at the centre of every domectic scene, every ,creature that is caged is released. Read more...
NovDec 2001
In The Arms of Morpheus
by Barbara Hodgson

Greystone Books
152 pages $34.95 cloth
ISBN: 1550548697
Addicted: Notes from the Belly of the Beast
by edited by Lorna Crozier & Patrick Lane

Greystone Books
192 pages $22.95 paper
ISBN: 1550548867

The display of Addiction
by Gordon Phinn
The modern cult of confessional memoir has fascinated both the reading public and literary critics for some years now. It is not enough to be dopey or dissipated or depraved, one must scream one's secrets to the sky, either on camera or in print, and be redeemed by the public's pointed approval. Read more...
Jul 2001
Desire in Seven Voices
by Edited by Lorna Crozier

Douglas & McIntyre
172 pages $16.95 paper
ISBN: 1550547380

Seduced by the Book
by Mary di Michele
Inthe introduction to this collection of essays by women writers on the subject of desire, the editor, Lorna Crozier, outlines the questions the writers were all asked to consider: "When do you trust your desire? When do you censor it? When is it a source of power, and when a source of distress?" Seven writers, seven voices, a range of experience in the female¨can the reader find herself anywhere in this book? The collection opens with Susan Musgrave's essay, "Junkie Libido". Read more...

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