Author: Marion Quednau

JanFeb 1988
The Butterfly Chair
by Marion Quednau

Random House
202 pages $19.95 cloth
ISBN: 0312025521
A Spy In My House
by J. Kenneth Langdon

Goose Lane
136 pages $7.95 paper
ISBN: 0864920652
The Blackbird's Song
by Pauline Holdstock

Simon & Pierre
159 pages $19.95 cloth
ISBN: 0889241910
Brother Sebastian's Little Holiday, or How a Pious Monk Becomes a Not-So-Pious Civil Servant
by G.W. Bartram

Simon & Pierre
160 pages $14.95 paper
ISBN: 0889241929
Hardwired Auger
Pulp Press $6.95 paper
ISBN: 0889781907
The Welsher
by Peter Thomas

Pottersfield Press
166 pages $14.95 cloth
ISBN: 0919001394

Mysterios ways
by Janice Wyk Keefer
Could the Pulp Press three-day novel competition spark some embryonic writer on the road to Ulysses or To the Lighthouse? Yes, but such a writer would never make the deadline How does one respond to Hardwired Auger (Pulp Press, $6. Read more...

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