Author: Michel Basilieres

Sep 2003
If Black Bird
by Michel Basilieres

Knopf Canada
310 pages $34.95
ISBN: 0676975275
by Alissa York

Random House
332 pages $32.95
ISBN: 0679311645
Ten Thousand Lovers
by Edeet Ravel

Review Press
372 pages $24
ISBN: 0755303709
Kalyna's Song
by Lisa Grekul

Coteau Books
240 pages $18.95
ISBN: 1550502255
When She Was Electric
by Andrea MacPherson

251 pages $21.95 paper
ISBN: 1551925966

First Novels
by W.P. Kinsella
Mercy, by Alissa York, (Random House, $32.95, 332 pages, ISBN: 0679311645) is a strange, dark novel about terribly damaged people that has its own chilling charisma. There are two parts to the book and they come very close to being two separate novels. The first, which could be subtitled "Catholic Guilt", begins with a new priest, Father August, coming to the self-consciously named town of Mercy, Manitoba. The priest is a prissy, maladroit prig, the son of a town prostitute. Read more...

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