Author: Nino Ricci

Dec 1997
In a Glass House A Novel
by Nino Ricci,

352 pages $17.99 TP
ISBN: 0771074530
Where She Has Gone
322 pages $29.99
ISBN: 0771074549

Lives of the Quasi-Siblings
by Ray Robertson
When my first novel was accepted for publication and I answered the inevitable question of "Where?" with "Cormorant Books," most people would blink a couple times, stare back at me a good bit, scratch their heads. Read more...
Oct 1993
In a Glass House A Novel
by Nino Ricci,

352 pages $17.99 TP
ISBN: 0771074530

Some Bark, No Bite
by Allan Casey
An impossible act to follow, perhaps, but the sequel is bound to be a bigger disappointment to Ricci fans than overinflated expectations can explain. Read more...
Aug 2002
by Nino Ricci

457 pages $35.95 cloth
ISBN: 0385658540

New Scriptures From Ricci
by Donald Akenson
Matthew. Mark, Luke, and Nino Successful novelists in our society receive a lot of attention but not much respect. They're not the sort of folk one calls when something really important is happening: like your infant has an earache or the sump pump in the basement just burned out and it's raining oceans outside. For real problems we call people we respect. Read more...

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