Author: Ralph Gustafson

Oct 1995
Inviting Blindness
by Bill Gaston,

120 pages $11.95 CT
ISBN: 0889821453
The Undoing
77 pages $9.95
ISBN: 091941737X
Radical Innocence
by John Pass,

96 pages $9.95 PT
ISBN: 1550171070
Collected Poems
by Ralph Gustafson,

260 pages $24.95 TP
ISBN: 155039052X
The Slow Reign of Calamity Jane
by Gillian Robinson,

pages $14.95 TP
ISBN: 1550821172
Ragas from the Periphery
by Phinder Dulai,

144 pages $12.95 TP
ISBN: 1551520214

Plain Speaking
by Scott Ellis
Revieweing poetry in Canada is like being class monitor in a one room, country schoolhouse when the teacher's away. Read more...
Aug 2002
Selected Poems Introduction by Bruce Whiteman
by Ralph Gustafson

VThicule Press
90 pages $14 paper
ISBN: 1550651498

Selected by Ralph Gustafson
by Deborah Bowen
When he died in 1995, Ralph Gustafson had lived through almost the whole of the twentieth century. He had published more than two dozen books of poetry, a collection of essays, and a book of short stories. He had compiled and edited two early and influential collections of Canadian writing, the Anthology of Canadian Poetry in 1942 and The Penguin Book of Canadian Verse in 1958. He had won the Governor General's Award for Poetry in 1974 and the QSPELL A.M.Klein Poetry Prize in 1993. Read more...

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