Author: Rohinton Mistry

Oct 1995
A Fine Balance A Novel
by Rohinton Mistry,

640 pages $37 TC
ISBN: 0679446087

Not Job's Comforter
by Merna Summers
Mistry's portrait of India in the time of Indira Gandhi depicts lives of struggle, exploitation, and desperate loss, suggesting to the reader that when it comes to meting out afflictions, the Hebrew God was a piker compared to Mother India. Read more...
JunJul 2002
Family Matters
by Rohinton Mistry

McClelland and Stewart
487 pages $39.99 cloth
ISBN: 0771061277

Bombay's Dark Hour
by by Irene D'Souza
Although, both Mistry and that erudite punmeister Salman Rushdie, ground their fiction in Bombay, Rushdie is more apt to acclaim his birthplace; he sees and savours the rose in the middle of the dungłthe cup may not runneth over with joy and mirth, but the inhabitants experience a joie de vivre, and we are convinced Bombay is as cosmopolitan as any other city. Mistry, by contrast, hones in on the dung: "Corruption is in the air we breathe. Read more...

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