Author: Sandra Birdsell

Sep 1992
Chrome Suite
by Sandra Birdsell,

pages $18.99 TP
ISBN: 077101452X

Channel Crossings
by Larry Scanlan
How can a child feel isolated when she has the company of 10 brothers and sisters? Yet that is precisely what Sandra Birdsell remembers feeling almost 50 years ago in Morris, Manitoba. Read more...
JanFeb 2002
The Russlander
by Sandra Birdsell

McLelland & Stewart
350 pages $34.95 cloth
ISBN: 0771014500

Mennonite Life Shattered in Tsarist Russia
by Anne Cimon
The Russlander, Sandra Birdsell's third novel, was a finalist for the 2001 Giller Prize. In 1989, her novel The Missing Child won the W.H. Smith/Books in Canada First Novel Award. Her short stories have been widely published and her most recent collection The Two-Headed Calf appeared in 1997. In The Russlander, Birdsell delves deeply into her Mennonite heritage Read more...

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