Author: Wayne Johnston

Feb 2000
Governor General Nominated Baltimore’S Mansion: A Memoir
by Wayne Johnston

Knopf Canada
272 pages $32.95
ISBN: 0676971466

by Wayne D.
From The Story of Bobby O’Malley down to his recently published The Colony of Unrequited Dreams, Wayne Johnston has established himself as one of Newfoundland’s most gifted writers. His readers will now be eager for a glimpse of the factual underpinnings to his splendid inventions. In his Governor General nominated Baltimore’s Mansion: A Memoir (Knopf Canada, 272 pages, $32.95 cloth, ISBN: 0676971466), Johnston provides his readers with something more and with something less than this. Read more...
Apr 1988
The Time Of Their Lives
by Wayne Johnston

194 pages $14.95
ISBN: 0887506925

Life With Father
by Douglas Glover
ANDFATHER DAD, patriarch of the Dunne family, strides through the pages of Wayne Johnston`s fine new novel, The Time of Their Lives, like a force of nature  cruel, intolerant, tyrannical, and selfish  scattering his loved ones like chaff in his wake. He humiliates his sons, calls his daughters sluts and whores, taunts a neighbour when illness forces him to go on welfare Read more...
Oct 1990
The Divine Ryans
by Wayne Johnston

Mcclelland & Stewart
240 pages $26.95
ISBN: 077104447X
Roses Are Difficult Here
by W.O. Mitchell

Mcclelland & Stewart
328 pages $26.95
ISBN: 0771060777

Family News
by H. R. Percy
THAT W. O. MITCHELL`S story of smalltown life at the western extremity of the prairies won me over in the end -- as I hope it will win others -- is as much a tribute to my staying power as to the power of the book itself It is a painfully slow starter. The first part of the book lacks the dramatic tension that keeps a reader turning the pages while characters are introduced, narrative lines developed, landscapes painted. Read more...
Nov 2002
The Navigator of New York
by Wayne Johnston's

486 pages $37 cloth
ISBN: 0676975321

Cook and Son: Race to a Shifting Destination
by Linda Morra
Nominated for this year's Giller Prize, Wayne Johnston's finely wrought sixth novel, The Navigator of New York, is loosely based on the historical polar expeditions of Dr. Frederick A. Cook and Commander Robert Peary, and the controversy in the early twentieth century that arose over their competing claims to have been the first to reach the North Pole. Yet, at a crucial moment in the novel, Dr. Read more...
Nov 2006
The Custodian of Paradise
by Wayne Johnston

Alfred A. Knopf Canada
522 pages $34.95 cloth
ISBN: 0676978150

Overdoing the Gothic
by Steven W. Beattie
Wayne Johnston's Newfoundland is a vast, expansive place composed of rugged, jutting outcroppings of land and roiling seas. It is mammoth, larger than life, and fiercely unpredictable. Read more...

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