The Gallery of Great Minds involves meshes of bibliographic information, books written by and about, for example: Einstein, Freud, Marx, Pascal, Spinoza, Schrodinger, Godel, Feynman, Keynes, Russell, Schumpeter, Descartes, Toynbee, Braudel, Whitehead, Wittgenstein ... Each letter on the left represents the first letter of the last name of a Great Minds. The Gallery is an on-going project of Books in Canada. The Gallery has more than 1,000 great thinkers, and we are updating this feature daily. We welcome your suggestions as to additional eminent individuals who warrant a place in the Gallery. You can e-mail the Great Minds editor at olga.stein@rogers.com

Any daily offering can be guaranteed by placing the book in your private library, even though you might not elect to purchase the book today.



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