Dailylife Year 1960

1. U.S. population at 179,323,000; Gross National Product $502.6 billion
2. Brasilia (designed by Lucio Costa) replaces Rio de Janeiro as capital of Brazil
3. Princess Margaret marries Antony Armstrong-Jones
4. Emily Post d. (b. 1873)
5. Montreal Canadiens win Stanley Cup hockey championship for fifth consecutive year
6. Sylvia Pankhurst, suffragette leader, d. (b. 1882)
7. Olympic Games held in Rome - Herb Elliott, Australia, runs 1500 m. in 3 minutes 35.6 seconds
8. Floyd Patterson regains world heavyweight boxing title from Johansson
9. R.C. Webster lands a 410-pound blue shark off Rockport, Mass.
10. Prince Andrew born to Elizabeth II and Prince Philip (first birth to a reigning monarch since 1857)
11. T.V. sets: U.S., 85 million; Britain, 10.5 million; W. Germany, 2 million; France 1.5 million
12. Pittsburgh (NL) wins World Series, 4-3, against New York (AL)
13. Churchill College, Cambridge, founded
14. Neale Fraser (Australia) wins U.S. Lawn Tennis Association Men's Singles; Darlene Hard (U.S.) wins Women's Singles; Neale Fraser wins Wimbledon championship
15. Neo-Nazi political groups banned in Germany
16. Charles Van Doren is among 13 contestants on TV show "21" arrested for perjury in testifying that answers to questions were not given to them in advance
17. Franklin Pierce Adams ("FPA"), U.S. humorous columnist, d. (b. 1881)
18. Washington defeats Wisconsin, 44-89, in Rose Bowl football game
19. Caryl Chessman, convicted rapist, executed in San Quentin gas chamber after 12 years of futile appeals
20. Paul Pender wins middleweight boxing championship from "Sugar" Ray Robinson
21. Arnold Palmer wins U.S. Open golf championship; D.R. Belman wins Amateur
22. Dr. A Cordeiro lands a 296-pound yellowfin tuna off Mexico
23. Australia defeats Italy to win Davis Cup (tennis)
24. Bobby Fischer, 16, defends U.S. chess title successfully

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