Science Year 1960

1. Walter Baade, American astronomer, d. (b. 1893)
2. American Heart Association issues a report attributing higher death rates among middle-aged men to heavy smoking of cigarettes
3. K.H. Hofmann (German) synthesizes pituitary hormone
4. Nobel Prize for Chemistry: W.F. Libby for his work in archaelogical dating techniques using radioactive carbon 14
5. First weather satellite, Tiros I, launched by U.S. to transmit TV images of cloud cover around the world
6. Optical microwave laser constructed
7. U.S. experimental rocket-powered airplane travels at almost 2200 mph
8. Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology: F.M. Burnet (Australian) and P.B. Medawar (British) for their discovery of acquired immunity against foreign tissue
9. Lt. Don Walsh (U.S. Navy) accompanies Jacques Piccard, French bathynut, on dive of the bathyscaphe "Triest" to record 35,800 feet in the Pacific near Guam
10. U.S. scientists develop laser device (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation)
11. G.N. Robinson (British) discovers methicilin
12. Maurice de Broglie, French physicist, d. (b.1875)
13. Nobel Prize for Physics: D.A. Glaser (U.S.) for his invention of the bubble-chamber for the study of subatomic particles
14. "Triton," U.S. nuclear submarine, completes first circumnavigation of the globe under water
15. Strell and Woodward independently synthesize chlorophyll
16. U.S. launches a radio-reflector satellite
17. R.L. Mossbauer (U.S.) makes important gamma ray discoveries
18. A.L. Kroeber, U.S. anthropologist, d. (b. 1876)
19. A.B. Joffe, Russian physicist, d. (b. 1880)

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