Visualarts Year 1960

1. Henny Porten, early German film star, d. (b. 1890)
2. Le Corbusier: Monastery La Tourette at Eveux, near Lyons, France
3. Films: "Last Year at Marienbad" (Alain Resnais); "Exodus" (Preminger); "Psycho" (Hitchcock); "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning" (Karel Reisz); "Rocco and his Brothers" (Visconti); "The Entertainer" (Olivier); "The Apartment,"
4. Oscar Niemeyer: museum and Congress Building at Brasilia opened
5. Hans Albers, German film and stage actor, d. (b. 1892)
6. Clark Gable d. (b. 1901)
7. Mack Sennett d. (b. 1880)
8. Oskar Kokoschka and Marc Chagall receive Dutch Erasmus Prize
9. John Bratby: "Gloria with Sunflower"
10. Picasso exhibition at Tate Gallery, London
11. Karel Appel wins Guggenheim award for abstract painting, "Woman with Ostrich"
12. Minoru Yamasaki: Pavioion of Sciences, Seattle, U.S.

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