History Year 1960

1. Brezhnev becomes President of the U.S.S.R.
2. Belgian Congo granted full independence
3. Aneurin Bevan , British socialist politician, d. (b. 1897)
4. John F. Kennedy elected President of the U.S.
5. Historic TV debates between John F. Kennedy (Democrat) and Richard M. Nixon (Republican), presidential candidates
6. U.S. Protests against Cuban expropriations
7. Ex-King Amanullah of Afghanistan d. (b. 1892)
8. King Baudouin of Belgium marries Dona Fabiola of Spain
9. Khrushchev in India, Burma, and Indonesia
10. U.S. admits to aerial reconnaissance flights over U.S.S.R. when a U-2 airplane is shot down and its pilot, Francis Gary Powers, confesses
11. Former Gestapo chief Adolf Eichmann arrested
12. Cyprus becomes independent republic with Archbishop Makarios as president
13. Adenauer visits the U.S.
14. Khrushchev, Macmillan, Eisenhower, and de Gaulle meet in Paris but the summit talks fail

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