Literature Year 1960

1. Ezra Pound: "Thrones"
2. C.P. Snow: "The Affair"
3. Vance Packard: "The Waste Makers"
4. Armand Salacrou: "Boulevard Durand"
5. Lawrence Durrell: "Clea"
6. Terence Rattigan: "Ross"
7. Richard Wright d. (b. 1908)
8. John O'Hara: "Ourselves to Know"
9. Gore Vidal: "The Best Man"
10. Alberto Moravia: "La Noia"
11. Boris Pasternak, Russian author, d. (b. 1891)
12. Allan Sillitoe: "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner," novel
13. Robert Bolt: "A Man for All Seasons"
14. Errol Flynn: "My Wicked, Wicked Ways" (posth.)
15. Harold Pinter: "The Caretaker"
16. Harper Lee: "To Kill a Mockingbird," Pulitzer Prize (1961)
17. Vicki Baum, Austro-American novelist, d. (b. 1888)
18. John Mortimer: "The Wrong Side of the Park"
19. Albert Camus, French author, d. (b. 1913)
20. Curt Goetz, Swiss actor and dramatist, d. (b. 1888)
21. Arnold Wesker: "I'm Talking About Jerusalem"
22. John Hersey: "The Child Buyer"
23. John Updike: "Rabbit, Run"
24. William L. Shirer: "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich"
25. Nobel Prize for Literature: St. John Perse (French)
26. John Betjeman: "Summoned by Bells," autobiography in verse

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